"Maygan has managed my property for several years now, and is the 3rd property manager I have had. I wouldn't have anyone else at this point, period. She is both professional and personable. I have never seen anyone get new renters into my property as fast as she has, and her attention to detail is like none other that I have seen. I trust her judgment on decisions to the point that whatever she recommends I am confident will be best for me. "
- Property Owner

"One of the top 3 agents/property managers I've known over my lifetime of renting and being a homeowner. Maygan is sharp and on her game in the real estate business. I am currently one of her clients and anytime I have had a concern or issue come up she responds immediately and action is taken to provide an answer or solve the issue. If you are looking for a professional in real estate look no further than in Maygan Johnson"
- Resident