Notice To Vacate – Move Out Form

We are sorry to see you leave 365 Property Management.  We understand moving is a busy and stressful time for everyone.  We’ve listed some things below to help make it easier. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your property manager.

Move-out Reminders

  1. Please call or email the office as soon as you are 100% vacated on your move out day. We like to stay in touch with our Residents to ensure everything has gone smoothly and we are ready to come check the vacant property so we do not make multiple trips. Please schedule your tentative move out date with your manager up to 2 weeks before you vacate.
  2. If your property has a lockbox, you may leave an entry key inside the lockbox, otherwise please leave all keys in a kitchen drawer. If for some reason your Property Manager does not have a key, they will contact you prior to move out for different instructions. Please lock the house in full upon vacating.
  3. Leave garage door openers, mailbox keys, and other access devices in the home in the same kitchen drawer.
  4. Provide written notice of your forwarding address later if you are not doing so at this time above.  Please submit this in your portal so it is not lost. Please log in to your portal and click “create request”. Be sure to double check the address you enter for forwarding.
  5. In your portal, update your online account with us and remove your monthly rent payment from the auto deduction system if you are using that and delete your payment method on file. As a reminder we do not collect or hold a last month's rent; the last month of rent must still be paid and on time.  
  6. Empty the ice bin tray in the freezer.
  7. Forward your mail and change your address. We do not forward any mail.
  8. Make sure the lawn is cut.
  9. Leave the Property in move in clean condition, free of all trash and debris, including no trash left at curb, coat hangers, shower curtains, toilet brushes etc. A more detailed move-out cleaning checklist can be found here: Move Out Cleaning Checklist
  10. Move out inspections will be completed within 48 hours of your move out date. This inspection is not scheduled with you upon vacating. The inspection is performed by the property manager or designated representative.  Utilities must remain ON.  There is a penalty if utilities are not left on so the inspection can be completed. Security deposit disposition will be completed within 15-30 days. Please allow at least 14 days before inquiring about the status of your deposit.
  11. If you have any additional questions please email your Property Manager.